Zebra Corp

Zebra Corp is a very experienced 0.0 corporation, with a strong focus on PvP.


What we are looking for:

  • Active pilots who want to PvP, or learn how to PvP
  • Strong preference will be given to people to want to FC or learn to FC
  • PVE & industrial characters who are willing to take part in a modest amount of PvP
  • Pilots who are relaxed and can take a joke
  • We expect you to cooperate with other members of the corp and alliance
  • We generally like pilots to have 15 million combat related skill points, though exceptions can be made
  • You must be willing to get on comms and shoot the sh!t with the rest of the corp


About us / What we offer:

  • We are active and have no dead weight in corp
  • We have people experienced in all areas of EVE
  • Members willing to help get you rolling in PvP and most other areas of Eve
  • Mentoring for players new to null
  • Daily fleet operations for corp, alliance and coalition – from small roams to medium fleets to epic multiple fleet battles
  • Black Ops, Frigate roams, roams with all kinds of Cruisers and Battleships, up to Carrier and Super Cap Fleets
  • We live in a well-supplied trade hub
  • A freight service for moving ships and equipment between home systems, Empire and deployment areas
  • Ship replacement program for pvp losses
  • Free ship replacements for Fleet Commanders
  • A large number of active allies and friends
  • ISK making opportunities to fund your PVP

Other Stuff

  • No joining fees or security deposits are required
  • We will not offer to move your stuff to 0.0
  • You do not need a vouch


If you are interested join “ZC Pub” chat channel in game, or contact:

HR Director